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NewRuleFX.com is Special Effects Props supply and fabrication company. We also provide prototyping, custom props and effects, makeup effects, creature design, costume creation and a large catalog of breakaway glass, ceramic, wood and other props. NewRuleFX.com is a division of New Rule Productions, our award winning TV, Film and Video production company that's been in business since 1991. In late 2008 we expanded our special effects and props outside our own productions to create a company that focused on effects props, fantastic customer service and incredibly low prices. In 2011 we made the move to Los Angeles and further expanded our offerings to include all types of custom effects and props and always with two goals in mind; outstanding service and exceptional value.


NewRuleFX is a division of New Rule Productions, our award winning TV, Film and Video production company. Check out: www.newrule.com

We provide expendable props, effects and supplies for projects including movies, television, theatre and live events. We also do work for special events, promotions, theme parks, casinos, retail stores even modern art installations!

Our facility is conveniently located in the heart of entertainment production in Van Nuys, CA. We are working around the clock to fulfill orders at the same time as continually expanding our production ability and diversity.

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7751 Densmore Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91406 ● (818) 387-6450 ● FAX: (866) 395-0321 ● contact@newrulefx.com