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NewRuleFX Brand Electronic Actor Cigarette Prop Kit Refill Cartridges WHITE - 10 PIECES

$ 14.00

These are the only authentic and APPROVED cartridges to be used with the NewRuleFX Brand Electronic Actor Cigarette Prop Kit system. The use of any other cartridge may damage your system and could potentially cause health issues to the user. These cartridges contain the fluid necessary to create realistic-looking "smoke" vapor with No Nicotine, No Tobacco and No Tar.

***These are the only refill cartridges which have been tested and certified by the ENVIRON Actor Equity Smoke and Haze Study***

WHITE COLOR Refill Kit Includes: 10 Refill Cartridges in a plastic storage case

Each cartridge is good for about 30-50 draws - dependent upon the length of inhale. — White cartridges are perfect for period productions that used non-filter cigarettes or to simulate other smoking alternatives.

TAN filter cartridges also available.

Approximate Size: 3.5" x 1.25" x 0.25"

Weight: 0.5 oz

This product to be purchased and used by persons aged 18+ *As this product contains NO nicotine or tobacco it is not regulated by the FDA

Due to health regulations, all sales final, no returns.