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SMASHProps Breakaway Extra Large Georgian Vase 16 Inch

$ 119.00

This decorative Georgian style vase is a truly beautiful piece! Molded from a luxurious Lenox vase. Extra Large 16" height, very similar to our 7.5" Georgian Vase in styling and detail. For an added punch, fill with a small amount of our NewRuleFX Brand Pro Formula Stage Blood to create an immediate head-wound effect! Breaks easily upon impact. Actor safe!

Some breakaways are even capable of holding room temperature liquids! Individual results will vary.


16141 Cohasset St., Van Nuys, CA 91406

NEW FRAGILE NOTE: We are no longer offering shipping on this item as it has proved to be extremely fragile with a high probability of breakage during transit. This item is ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP at our location in Van Nuys, CA. If you order any other items that do not have the “Pick up only” note on it during the same transaction you will still be taken to checkout, but it will only process shipping for the other items not this one. To keep everything simple and separate, we ask that you make separate transactions for items that ship and for items that are meant for pick up. Alternatively, you can choose “Pick Up” at checkout for all of your items and everything will be bundled up for one pick up.

It is highly suggested that you place separate orders if you want your other items shipped. The Breakaway Georgian Vase in 16 inches does not ship.

If you would like to make special arrangements, please give us a call at: 818-387-6450 or email:

Approximate Size: 8.5" x 8.5" x 16"

Weight: 45oz