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SMASHProps Breakaway Large Antique Whiskey Bottle Prop

$ 30.00
SKU spbtl030-1

**LABEL NOT INCLUDED: please see label section.**

Vintage Whiskey Bottle molded from a real 1890s Bottle!

Imagine cracking the town drunkard over the head or exploding one of these whiskey bottles during a wild west target practice scene.

This antique bottle has the effect of bringing a historical character to any scene by adding realism and credibility.

The neck bulge is common to many types of whiskeys, malt liquors, and wine bottles. So get creative with your selections.

This bottle can safely be used with actors.

You won't find a breakaway of this caliber for less on any other site.

Approximate Size: 3" x 3" x 11.5"

SKU: spbtl030