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Anvil Replica Flexible Urethane Foam Stunt Prop

$ 64.00

The metal anvil was once a staple of the metalworking trade and, while they are not as common, this large, extremely heavy piece of formed metal is a forging tool that allows efficient use of metal forming tools by providing a hard, inert surface to strike upon. Their common use in the year past have cemented the anvil as the go-to heavy object in popular culture. Our customers spoke and we listened.

Our solid foam rubber urethane flexible prop is molded off of a real solid cast iron metal anvil and has all the detail of the real thing. Finished in black and simulated metal finish, this prop will meet the demand of a serious production in a stunt scene where actor contact may happen, or as a funny site-gag in a theatrical production.

Weighing less than 2 pounds, this rubber stunt prop is lightweight, flexible and much less heavy than its 55 lb. real life twin.

Approximate Size: 5.5" x 6.25" x 14"

Weight: 18 oz