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NewRuleFX Pro Formula All Purpose Stage Blood

$ 34.00
SKU exbld001-2

Professional Hollywood Quality Blood -- Finally at Affordable Prices.

The NewRuleFX line of specially made stage blood is engineered to be just the right thickness, rich and saturated with color.

Wash-out, Professional Formula


Great for use on screen and on stage, this blood is formulated to be consistent from batch to batch, just thick enough to ooze realistically and is non-toxic. Though this blood may stain some surfaces and fabrics, it is created to be less staining than the typical red food coloring and corn syrup blood commonly available. Rinsing the blood soaked object in cold water should, in most cases give you a clean re-take!

This blood is non-toxic; However, it is NOT meant to be ingested.

1oz, 1-quart  and 1-gallon comes in plastic containers with screw top lids. 5-gallon comes in a plastic 5-gallon pail with pour spout

Approximate Sizes:

3 x 1 x1 Sample Size (1 oz) - comes in "Patient Zero" Blood draw Prop Vial

5" x 2" x 7" (Quart)

6" x 6" x 12" (Gallon)

12" x 12" x 15.25" (5 Gallon)


exbld001-1 (Quart)

exbld001-2 (Gallon)

exbld001-3 (5 Gallon)