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Rubber Glass - Fake Broken Pieces, Sharp Shards & Tempered Glass

$ 28.00
SKU rbgpcs1lb

One of our best sellers!

Our custom made rubber glass comes in three shape varieties, Pieces, Sharp Shards, and Tempered Glass.

The broken pieces and sharp shards are dangerous looking slices of clear glass, but made from super clear silicone rubber. Perfect for use in motion pictures, TV and theatre scenes, as part of a makeup appliance or anywhere shards of glass are required, but safety is a concern.

The tempered glass pieces are tiny cubed squares. Perfect for any broken car window sequence.

All of our rubber glass can be loaded in compressed air cannons for a dangerous looking explosion. Spread on the after a break in scene. They can be easily handled or even walked on with bare feet.

Add some of our NewRuleFX stage blood to complete the effect. The blood washes off the rubber glass when you're done!

Sold in 1lb bags and 25lb bucket quantities; However, custom orders are always welcomed, no matter what size, shape, or color.

Approximate Size: Varies


rbgpcs1lb (Pieces - 1lb)

rbgshrds1lb (Shards - 1 lb)

rbgtmpr1lb (Tempered - 1 lb)

rbgpcs25lb (Pieces - 25 lbs)

rbgshrds25lb (Shards - 25 lbs)

rbgtmpr25lb  (Tempered - 25 lbs)