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Money Prop - Series 2000's $100 Aged Look $10,000 Blank Filler Fat Fold

$ 14.00
SKU S2000-100D- BF-FF

This "Fat Fold" bundle of $100 dollar bills resembles a $10,000 rubber-banded wad of cash.

Each item features two, full-printed series year 2000 $100 bills on the top and the bottom of a large stack.  The middle bills are filler paper that match the color and size. The entire stack has been expertly aged and distressed to resemble circulated bills. 

Stunning detail and quality. Professionally printed and cut. These are made by the leading producer of motion picture prop money. 

NOTE: Please read important information about legal use of prop movie money on this page. 

Price shown is for 1 stack of bills that would equal a $10,000

SKU: S2000-100D- BF-FF

Approximate Size: (Folded and Banded) 3.25: x 2.27" x 1.25"