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TAAT Smoking Props

No Tobacco. No Nicotine.

One of the many things that we are constantly receiving requests for are authentic-looking simulated cigarettes. For the many non-smoking actors, there weren’t a lot of good options. We first introduced the Actor Cigarette back in 2011, and it quickly became the go-to electronic cigarette smoking prop. It has been used on stage and screen for thousands of productions. 

Recent federal legislation has halted our ability to sell this electronic device due to some not-so-careful wording on the current Senate bill. We are working hard to find a clear path forward for this particular prop. But fear not, we’ve got another alternative for you that helps actors portray smoking on stage and screen without the harmful effects of nicotine and tobacco.

The new TAAT smoking product is a zero nicotine, zero tobacco smoking product derived from natural hemp that is processed to allow a smooth smoking effect. It looks exactly like the real thing.