1/2 Inch Spike Tape

Spike tape is a staple on the sets of Hollywood productions and Broadway stages alike. Essentially 1/2" wide gaffer's tape, spike tape is commonly used to mark sets and the positions of cast in productions.

Spike tape is commonly used to bundle cables, label equipment and is easily torn by hand. The specially engineered synthetic rubber adhesive grips strong and pulls away clean.

Our spike tape comes in 50 yard rolls, is 1/2" wide and comes in black and white.

Approximate Size: 6"x 0.5" x 6"

SKU: exstp001

$ 14.00

11" Solid Rubber Survival Style Training or Prop Knife

Very durable solid rubber knife. Features black handle and painted silver blade. This is a heady duty prop and has a good heft to it. Overall length: 11 inches.


Size: 11" x 2.75" x 1"

Weight: 8.2 oz

$ 20.00

11.9" Rubber Training Knife Black Solid Rubber Contact Prop

This is a solid rubber knife that is perfect for use in police and tactical training as well as props in close-proximity simulated fighting. Features a simulated 7" blade and textured handle.

This is an extremely durable prop.


Size: 11.9" x 2.5" x .75"

Weight: 3.7 oz

$ 20.00

12" Rubber Army M9 Tactical Bayonet Knife Black Stunt Prop with Sheath

 High-quality rubber-bladed replica of a US Army M9 Bayonet Knife. 

The handle is made from a black durable poly-plastic, and the blade from a durable yet slightly flexible poly-rubber. There is a spring loaded clip whcih will allow it to clip into the standard bayonet holder on the rifle.

The included sheath is also black poly-plastic and includes a machine stitched nylon web belt, with detachable strap.

The sheath has a replica of the included metal cutting tool which ingeniously allowed the knife and the sheath to be connected to for a field wire-cuttter.

SKU: 6792-575

Size Sheathed: 15.5 x 3.25 x 1.5"  Knife Only: 11.5 x 3.25 x 1.25, Blade Length: 6.5" Long

Weight: 6 Ounces.

$ 26.00 $ 38.99

24" Double Compound Bolt Cutters Foam Rubber Stunt Prop

Molded from the real thing, these are foam rubber bolt cutters molded in urethane foam rubber. Hand finished in black and red paint.

Features aluminum armature inside to retain its shape. 

Handles do not operate, these are in a fixed position. 


Approximate Size: 27" x 6" x 1.5"

Weight: 15 Ounces

$ 64.00

33.5" Metal Gold and Silver Excalibur King Arthur Sword with Scabbard Replica Prop

This stunning highly detailed replica sword features a real metal 440 Stainless double edge blade and a simulated leather scabbard. A striking gold cross guard, pommel and scabbard tip with intricate details and King Arthur crest.

This is a compact size Excalibur sword measuring 33.5 Long, it's perfect for costume use or display. 

Not for contact use. Keep out of reach of children.

SKU: L-900-GD-S

Size: 33.5" x 6.5" x 1"

Weight: 1.13 lbs

$ 58.00

43" Metal Excalibur King Arthur Sword Gold Silver Finished Replica Prop with Wood Display Plaque

Larger sized replica of King Arthur's Excalibur sword. Features highly detailed handle. Real metal 440 Stainless steel double-edged blade with laser etched details.

This is a beautiful piece. It's perfect for costume use or display. Come with wood plaque that will allow it to be wall mounted. 

Not for contact use. Keep out of reach of children.

SKU: K-900-GD

Size: 43" x 7.5" x 1.5"

Weight: 3

$ 90.00

45" Masonic Arming Sword. Urethane Foam with Fiberglass Core Action Prop

NEW! Sturdy and detailed urethane foam sword, with an inner core that allows this prop to be used in productions, role playing (LARP) or anywhere a metal sword is not safe. 

The blade is finished in silver and the handle is finished in Gold, Grey and Black. 

SKU: G-BL009

Size: 45" x 9" x 2.5"

Weight: 13.2 oz

$ 34.00

9.5" Rubber Training Knife Solid Rubber Prop

Solid rubber simulated knife for use in police and tactical training as well as a prop for close-combat fight scenes. 

This prop features a black and silver finish. Solid, flexible rubber. Blade length is 5.5" inches, the knife is 9.5" overall. 

The blade of this knife prop is rather thick, so it's not great for real closeup work in production. It is great for choreographed fight scenes, cosplay, LARP and other activities requiring a safe knife stand-in.


Size: 9.5" x 1.25" x 1"

Weight: 4.2 oz

$ 16.00 $ 23.95

9mm Solid Rubber Handgun Pistol Non Firing Prop or Training Aid

This particular prop gun is different from the other guns that we offer. This piece is a solid rubber prop. It's got good heft and handling characteristics and is denser than our foam rubber guns offered.

The prop comes with a blaze orange tip cover as required by law. (Not pictured)

This gun is solid rubber and does not fire any projectile nor can it be modified to do so. It is sold for use as a theatrical prop or weapon training aid. It does not have any sort of trigger.

Overall Length 8-1/2"

Handle Length: 4”
Approximate weight 11oz

Understand Gun Laws in Your State before ordering. Click Here

$ 24.00 $ 32.00

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