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Balsa wood Breakaway Folding Chair Smashable Stunt Action Prop. Breaks Easily.

$ 190.00
SKU spfchr002-1

This balsa wood breakaway chair is modeled off off a popular type of folding rental chair. It is extremely light and breaks apart easily.

Used for realistic fight scenes, crash scenes, or anywhere that a real chair would be too dangerous to use. Built for use by professional stunt persons to reduce the risk of injury or damage. 

Seen in many major TV shows, Motion Pictures, Theatrical Productions and wrestling matches. 

Available in several finishes. 

Shipped partially assembled for easy packaging and requires hot glue to assemble.

Built to order, usually ships in 1-3 days

Approximate Size: 18.5" x 16.5" x 31.25"

SKU: spfchr002