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Bitcoin and Ethereum Now Accepted for Payment
Bitcoin and Ethereum Now Accepted for Payment

Double Bit Urethane Foam Rubber Felling Axe Stunt Prop

$ 60.00

This is a full-sized, dual headed Felling axe molded from a real tool and hand poured in foam rubber urethane. Aluminum armature inside will keep the prop sturdy. The handle and the head are constructed from rubber and prop is hand painted for exacting detail and realism. 

A real Felling axe is used for cutting across the grain of wood, as in the felling of trees. In Minoan Crete, the double axe (labyrs) had a special significance, used by priestesses in religious ceremonies. The symbol refers to deification ceremonies; part of the leaping over the bull symbol also found at Crete. 

(source Wikipedia)

Safe for full contact use with actors. 

Approximate Size: 35.5" x 9" x 1"

Approximate Weight: 1lb 2oz