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BFCM Sale 30% Selected Items Now through Monday! Shop Now!

FlameFX LED Fire Animation Special Effects Standard Bulb 6 Inch - Simulated LED Flame

$ 18.00

FlameFX LED Fire Bulb 6" Overall Length An electronic bulb that simulates a lightly burning flame. It features a two-direction animation, so flames will always move in an upward motion fashion, regardless of the bulb's position. When the e27 socket base is below, the flames will move towards the top of the plastic housing. When the socket is above, the flames will emanate from the top of the plastic housing and rise up towards the socket base. Turning the power off and on quickly will switch it to full LED fade mode that illuminates all the LED's in a flame effect fade sequence. Screw into a standard lightbulb socket and create amazing looking simulated flames. Diffused plastic cover creates a very realistic flame effect. (Lightbulb socket not included)

6" E27 Base

Power Consumption: 6 Watts Input Voltage 85 to 265V AC

Color Temperature: 1400K LEDs: 99Pcs

Size: 63 x 63 x 153 mm (2.5" diam x 6" tall)

Weight: 3.6 oz

Modes: 3 (All Fade, Upright Animated, Inverted Animated) NewRuleFX is a Registered Trademark