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NewRuleFX Actor-Safe Imitation Metal Barbed Wire 12ft, Black

$ 14.00
SKU G-BL106-12

 Our Actor-Safe barbed wire is a black cord material that has fake barbs tied every five inches along its length. It is also highlighted with silver paint to create a very convincing illusion that this is real, old, distressed metal barbed wire. 

This is great for set dressing, props, and background work as well as scenes where the actor needs to come n contact with the wire. Wrap it around one of our foam rubber baseball bats and create your own Lucille horror bat. 

Can be painted and distressed to look rusty, dirty or even bloody. 

Approximate Size: 12' length with 1.5" long knotted barbs every 5" 

SKU: G-BL106-12