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NewRuleFX Brand Giant Foam Rubber Clown Mallet Prop Painted - Red and White Stripes

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$ 100.00

Giant clown mallet fabricated from urethane foam rubber with rubber coated plastic handle. This prop is hand painted in a Red and White Striped Candy Theme. Perfect for any clown joining a party with their very own fashionable Mallet! Of course also great for any other carnival themed event.

It features a rigid handle and an oversized large foam head that is expertly painted with fine detail in our FX shop in Los Angeles. Each one will vary slightly in detail. If we don’t have one on the shelf, please allow up to 1 week to get this props made up and sent to you. 

This is a great replica and because it’s made from urethane foam, it’s usually able to be brought into most cosplay events. Relatively lightweight, the head is a bit more weighted which fits well over the shoulder when grasping the handle. 

Weight: 2 lbs

Size: 27" x 8.25" x 5.5"