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Our pro formula STAGE BLOOD is fully in stock. Non-toxic and non-sticky!
Our pro formula STAGE BLOOD is fully in stock. Non-toxic and non-sticky!

NewRuleFX Brand SMASHProps Breakaway Fender Stratocaster Sunburst Guitar - Smashable Stunt Prop

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$ 395.00

This hand crafted, lightweight electric guitar prop is made specifically for being SMASHED and destroyed on stage! These are great for their intended purpose and are far safer than their real musical counterparts. They are made to smash against the stage/floor ONLY.

This specific prop is not intended for direct contact with actors - however, you may request an actor's safe SMASHProps Guitar prop. If you need to hit actors with a prop guitar, please contact us prior to your purchase so that we may understand your specific needs. As these guitars are made by hand, we require a minimum build time of 1 week prior to shipment. Please contact us if you wish to purchase multiple guitars for many "takes". Custom paint options also available upon request.

NOTE: Due to the handmade nature of this prop, each will have some variation in color and grain. Check out these great features found only with SMASHprops Special Effects! Rigid balsa wood body, head and neck. Custom finished paint job with stained electric body effect make this guitar really light up on stage. Clear coated gloss looks great up close. Safe metallic-look stretchy "strings" easily bend upon impact for a great effect! Perfectly life sized, right down to the spacing of the fret lines!

We also offer a href="" title="Deluxe Model Breakaway Stratocaster Guitar">deluxe version breakaway guitars that can be built to match real performance guitars, both in electric, and acoustic version.

Approximate Size: 43" x 17.5" x 6" (Stratocaster)

Weight: 14 lb