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NewRuleFX Rock Flexible Foam Rubber Granite Stunt Prop

$ 46.00

This amazingly detailed large rock is cast from a real, granite rock. It's large size makes it a formidable prop weapon or set piece. Made from a 4lb density urethane foam rubber, this prop is just flexible enough to render it safe for use with performers where contact could occur. However, it’s not so light and rubbery that it bounces unrealistically. It's carefully painted to resemble a gray, granite style igneous rock.

This prop, much like many others that we build, may not be in stock on the shelf, so please allow a minimum production time of 3 business days prior to shipment.

This prop can be seen HBO's Westworld S2 Ep 6 Phase Space

 Approximate Size: 8 x 6 x 3.5"

Weight: 6.4oz