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Solid Lightweight Barbell Free Weight Prop - 20 KG

$ 65.00

Cast from a real iron free weight, this rigid foam replica prop weight looks just like the real thing! Available now in two options, solid hard extremely light weight hard foam or flexible medium weight soft rubber foam. These weights can be used in scenes where a weight comes in contact with actors or sets and is perfect for a scene where the subject is lifting weights. Black finish with raised white lettering. 

Features “Olympic” and “20Kg” raised lettering on one side. The other side is smooth. Weight plate has 2” Olympic standard holes. 

CUSTOMIZATIONS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST: Please contact us with your preference! Can be painted and distressed to look rusty, dirty or even bloody. 

Approximate Size: 14.75” x 14.75” x 1.25”

Weight for Solid Rigid Foam Prop: 20.65oz

Weight for Flexible Foam Rubber Prop:  29.7oz