Plastic Garden Shears

  • $ 80.00

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These are precisely molded garden shears made from urethane plastic.

The plastic version is for scenes where an actual metal prop would be too dangerous or heavy. The handle is finished to resemble wood and the blades are a silver metallic finish. The shears can operate open and closed. Every last detail, down to the wood grain and metal rivets are apparent.

We also carry this is a foam version.

The foam version is made from a dense flexible urethane foam material with a wire armature. While the shape is identical, there is slightly less detail on the foam version due to limitations of the material.

The foam version is a great stand in for the plastic version when used in a fight scene or close action with actors is required.

Both versions can open and close.

Approximate Size: 22" x 7" x 2"


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