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Bitcoin and Ethereum Now Accepted for Payment
Bitcoin and Ethereum Now Accepted for Payment

REAL Vintage Style 40 Watt Edison "Squirrel Cage" Filament Bulb E26 Base

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$ 10.00

Create amazing ambience at home or use it to dress up your period set! These beautiful Edison bulbs feature a very large incandescent filament that produces a warm orange glow. These bulbs are best when used uncovered or accented by translucent shades. They radiate a soft warm glow, work great for a fill and are typically used on period sets.

Actual bulb, not a breakaway prop. Use care when handling real glass items. Socket Not Included 40 Watt ST64 (draw, not brightness) Incandescent E26 Standard Brass Screw Type Base Clear Glass with reverse taper and dimple shape 110-130 Volt UL Listed Dimmable Size

Approx: 6.5" x 2.75" x 2.75"