NEW! SMASHProps Breakaway Glass Mirror - Flat Reflective Panes

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Our breakaway mirror is made from our breakaway panes that then undergo a multi-step chemical process that adds a layer of real silver to create a highly reflective surface. We use a procedure that is very similar to that used on real glass mirrors. 

These props look and break like real glass!

The breakaway mirror has a protective grey layer on the reverse side (Just like real mirrors) that protects the silver layer from rubbing off and tarnishing. Caution must be used to prevent scratching this layer off.

Breakaway glass can contain some imperfections, bubbles or defects that is an unavoidable part of the manufacturing process. The reflective quality of the mirror may accent those defects. Please do not expect the same clarity as a real glass mirror. 

Breakaway glass mirrors are a premium product and all mirrors are produced upon receipt of orders. Please allow a minimum of 1 week manufacturing time. This time may increase during busy schedules. We advise that you contact us to discuss the manufacture of mirror props. 

All mirrors are custom made. We do not accept returns on these products.

Please be sure to review our Shipping Policy prior to ordering mirror glass.

Approximate Sizes:

6" Diameter Circle x 0.1875 Thick

11" Diameter Circle x 0.1875 Thick

8"x 10" x 0.1875" (8x10)

12" x 12" x 0.1875" (12x12)

11" x 14" x0.1875" (11x14)

12" x 24" x 0.1875" (12x24)

18" x 24" x 0.1875" (18x24) 

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