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Taurus 1911 Frame .45 Cal Style Pistol with Removable Magazine Set Safe - Solid Plastic Prop Inert

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$ 52.00

Hard Rubber-Poly plastic solid pistol prop. Virtually indestructible. Our high quality replica gun combined with easily added post production effects prevent the danger from extending beyond the screen to the actors and crew. There is no need to risk putting people in harm’s way for the sake of realism. The dynamic environment and fast pace of production creates enough dangers for the cast and crew to avoid. Having “Set-Safe” guns like this one is an easy solution to an issue that has proven to be deadly.

More dense than our foam rubber guns, it has good heft and handling characteristics making it perfect for tactical training use and as a “Set-Safe” gun. This gun is entirely inert and cannot fire or be made to fire any projectiles.

Modeled after the Taurus 1911, which is a gun that was adopted by the United States Armed forces in 1911 and is still commonly used today. This particular style of weaponry continues to be widely used from World War I to present day. Has been a choice gun for home defense, concealed carry weapon or recreational gun use. The 1911 is known for its consistent accuracy whether for a first-time user or an experienced aficionado. 

It is sold for use as a theatrical prop or weapon training aid. It does not have any sort of trigger. 

Note:  WARNING! This product is sold as a Motion Picture or Theatrical Prop. It is a completely inert device. It DOES NOT contain the Blaze Orange Tip required by law for use in any other activities. This prop is for permitted production or training only. Laws vary by State and Country. Know and understand the laws in your location prior to use. Use common sense when using, storing and transporting replica weapons. NewRuleFX will not be held liable for misuse of this prop. Remember, others may not know that this is a prop. Handle accordingly. 

Size: 8.5” x  5.5” x 1.25”

Weight: 12.4 oz