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TNT Dynamite Blasting Machine Plunger Box - Museum Quality Replica Prop

$ 250.00
SKU apblst001


The dynamite blasting machine is one very iconic props used in early films. This small wooden box would contain a geared motor connected to a dynamo that would generate a strong electronic charge when pushed down, and at the end of the push, a switch would send that charge to the two thumbscrews which would be attached to wires running to the blasting caps in the dynamite.

Our prop is a (non working) hand-made dynamite blasting machine that is modeled off of an original Hercules blasting machine. Every detail is correct, including a faux-finished bronze stamped name plate, and thumbscrews, leather handle and even finger joints. The plunger slides up and down and even features a hand-turned handle.

This is museum quality replica and is worthy of permanent display or use during any production.

Lead-time is also needed, since we build these from scratch. Usually a 1 week turnaround before this prop is ready to ship.

Approximate Size: 7.25" x 5.5" x 9.5" 

SKU: apblst001