Wooden TNT Dynamite Crate Prop

  • $ 120.00

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Hand built to exact specification, this Hercules powder TNT crate is created to resemble a turn of the century wooden crate that would be used to transport 50 pounds of dynamite.

This prop has traditional box-finger jointed edges are done just like the real thing. Expertly duplicated lettering on the sides and top of the crate are carefully silk screened. The box is slightly aged and distressed to give it an authentic look, finished with stain and paint to resemble the hardwood that was used at the time.

Lid is removable.

These crates can contain our 8" TNT Dynamite Stick props. (not included)

Approximate Size: 18.5" x 11.5" x 9.5"

SKU: apcrt002

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