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Superhuman Hand Claw Stainless Steel Replica - 1 piece Sharp Metal Blade NOT A TOY

$ 28.00
SKU H-1908-CH

Thwick! This real metal Wolverine styled hand claw is inspired by those seen in the popular X-Men movie series. This stainless steel claw blade prop features 3 REAL SHARP metal blades with a handle that allows the blades to protrude from between your fingers.

CAUTION! These are REAL metal blades and are extremely sharp. This prop is NOT intended for action play and will cause significant injury to actors. NOT A TOY. Keep out of reach of children. Hand Claws are sold individually. Price is for one hand claw blade.

Blade Length: Overall 9" Size: 9" x 4.5" x 2.25"

Weight: 9.6 oz