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NewRuleFX Brand SMASHProps Breakaway Balsa Wood Flat Plain Style Door Smash Action Prop

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$ 375.00

Plain and Simple Breakaway Door Prop Time for a SMASHING entrance!

Our custom built, full size breakaway door is constructed with ultra light balsa wood and carefully hand crafted in fine detail. Very thin and light, this prop is easy to install on set and will allow a performer to burst through this sturdy-looking wood door without effort. The stunt prop is made to look as if it's a standard, flat sided interior door but it only weighs about seven pounds!

CUSTOMIZATIONS UPON REQUEST: Please contact us with your preferences!

This door is finished on one side only. If you require a stunt door that is finished on both sides or you require breakaway glass or door knob hole to be installed, special designs, sizes, colors, etc, please contact us prior to placing your order.

The size below is the default size for the door. If you need a specific size, please let us know. We can adjust the size of your door to fit your requirements. Size adjustments within 15% of the default size will not affect price. Over 15% size shown here may affect the per unit price due to the use of extra building materials. Doors are available in any of our standard breakaway wood finishes.

Other wood stain or paint finishes are available upon request. The door is made to order and we require a minimum build time of of 3 - 5 days prior to shipment. Production time is dependent upon on-hand balsa stock as well as our current project load. Delivery of this item may be limited to pickup at our location in Van Nuys, CA or custom delivery to the Greater Los Angeles area.

NOTE: When you purchase this item, the shipping/delivery cost will NOT be charged at that time, but WILL be charged separately once it is determined how the item will be shipped.

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Approximate Size: 36" x 1.25" x 80"

Approximate Weight: 6lbs