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Shop Now- Products Overview

We work very hard to carry a large number of quality effects and props for your productions. Below is a brief description to help get you where you need to go. Each category has many pages of items to choose from. Use the links to the left to navigate or click on any of the images below to jump to a section. Remember, you can order securely online, anytime, 24/7.

Breakaway Props

Our exclusive line of SMASHProps Brand breakaway props are props built to be destroyed during their use.

FX Action Props

These props really perform! A variety of props designed for realism and production value.

All Rubber Props

Flexible and rigid polyurethane and foam latex products allow a wide range of props to be created in a material that is soft, flexible and lightweight, while retaining realism and detail.

Unbreakable Props

Break Resistant Props

Props specifically designed to NOT break.

Money and Gold

Prop Money, Gold and Valuables

Highest quality available professionally-printed motion picture prop currency, fake gold and other items of simulated high value.

FX Prop Weapons

Perfect for action scenes requiring physical contact with a weapon, these actor-safe realistic foam and rubber weapons are offered at prices that won't break the bank.

Expendables & Supplies

Use it up! We've got more! NewRuleFX brings you a hand-selected line of quality expendable products at great low prices.

FX Display Food

Avoid the challenges of working with real food with these tasty looking props.

Metal Replicas, Swords Knives & Blades

Quality reproductions of weapons and props for use on the set and the stage. Attrractively priced and highly detailed!

Foam & Plastic Swords, Knives & Props (Impact Ready)

Our Impact Collection of contact-ready props. Made from durable plastic or high grade foam rubber.

We're always working to source or build new props and effects. Check back often to see our latest offerings. As always, if you don't see something that you need please contact us, chances are we can make or get anything that you need!