Gore Collection

Gore Collection Bloody and Halloween inspired items from our collection. Most of our props can be made to look like they're right at home on the horror movie set. This collection will get you started.

Zombie Decomposing Human Skull Pro Series Haunt Prop

Pro-Series Haunt Prop collection

Resin skull prop with removable jaw.  Finished to look like a decomposing skull with traces of skin and gore left over.  Features urethane rubber, latex bits, and sinew, this prop is perfect for on-screen, stage or even haunt events. 

This would likely be considered a female small/medium sized skull.

Each of these props is made by hand so please allow 1 week to create your prop prior to shipping. Contact us for details and availability if you have a tight timeline. 

Size: (approximate) 8"L x 7" tall overall 


Weight: 1lb

$ 64.00 $ 129.00

NewRuleFX Pro Formula All Purpose Stage Blood

Professional Hollywood Quality Blood -- Finally at Affordable Prices.

The NewRuleFX line of specially made stage blood is engineered to be just the right thickness, rich and saturated with color.

Wash-out, Pro Formula


Great for use on screen and on stage, this blood is formulated to be consistent from batch to batch, just thick enough to ooze realistically and is non-toxic. Though this blood may stain some surfaces and fabrics, it is created to be less staining than the typical red food coloring and corn syrup blood commonly available. Rinsing the blood soaked object in cold water should, in most cases give you a clean re-take!

This blood is non-toxic; However, it is NOT meant to be ingested.

1oz, 1-quart  and 1-gallon comes in plastic containers with screw top lids. 5-gallon comes in a plastic 5-gallon pail with pour spout

Approximate Sizes:

3 x 1 x1 Sample Size (1 oz) - comes in "Patient Zero" Blood draw Prop Vial

5" x 2" x 7" (Quart)

6" x 6" x 12" (Gallon)

12" x 12" x 15.25" (5 Gallon)


exbld001-1 (Quart)

exbld001-2 (Gallon)

exbld001-3 (5 Gallon)

Starting At: $ 4.00 $ 11.99

NewRuleFX® Brand Latex Gore Autopsy Guts Rubber Apron Accessory

Dress to impress with this exquisitely gory Meat Suit!  Made of Rubber Latex with a glossy finish, it features gruesomely exposed organs and entrails. This item is fashioned from one continuous piece of latex and is One Size Fits All.  Meat Suit slips on over your head and ties behind your back.  “Collar” resembles exposed tissue, muscle, ligaments, and veins of the throat while the “Body” boasts raised 3-Dimensional organs, adipose tissues, arteries and viscera. Increase your Gross Factor by covering the suit in our Pro-Formulas Stage Blood!  (Sold Separately)

Approximate Size: 26" x 16" x 3.5"

Weight: 1 Lb 2.8oz


$ 80.00

Bloody, Grisly Femur Bone with Skin and Gore - Full Size FX Prop

This is an anatomically correct casting of an adult human femur bone that has been covered with fleshy bits of gristle and sinew to resemble a fresh, meaty dislocation from its victim. 

Bone is made from urethane plastic, the gore bits are made from urethane foam and other special effect secret "ingredients" to give it an amazingly realistic look. Each is made and finished by hand, so no two are exactly alike and yours will vary slightly from the one pictured. 

Please allow a few days for us to amputate your victim. ...I mean, create your prop. 


Weight: Approx 1.5 Lbs

Dimensions: Approx. 16.5" x 3.75" x 2.25"


$ 60.00

Vintage Farm Style Hay, Meat, or Ice Hook Urethane Foam Stunt Prop - Bloody Zombie Version

Bloody and distressed this replica meat hook is perfect on set, stage or as a costume accessory. This hand pick from durable polyurethane foam with a rigid core. Features handpainted detail with traces of blood.

 Approximate Weight: 3 ounces.


Approximate Size: 9" x 4.5" x 4"

$ 16.00

Rubber Glass - Fake Broken Pieces, Sharp Shards & Tempered Glass

One of our best sellers!

Our custom made rubber glass comes in three shape varieties, Pieces, Sharp Shards, and Tempered Glass.

The broken pieces and sharp shards are dangerous looking slices of clear glass, but made from super clear silicone rubber. Perfect for use in motion pictures, TV and theatre scenes, as part of a makeup appliance or anywhere shards of glass are required, but safety is a concern.

The tempered glass pieces are tiny cubed squares. Perfect for any broken car window sequence.

All of our rubber glass can be loaded in compressed air cannons for a dangerous looking explosion. Spread on the after a break in scene. They can be easily handled or even walked on with bare feet.

Add some of our NewRuleFX stage blood to complete the effect. The blood washes off the rubber glass when you're done!

Sold in 1lb bags and 25lb bucket quantities; However, custom orders are always welcomed, no matter what size, shape, or color.

Approximate Size: Varies


rbgpcs1lb (Pieces - 1lb)

rbgshrds1lb (Shards - 1 lb)

rbgtmpr1lb (Tempered - 1 lb)

rbgpcs25lb (Pieces - 25 lbs)

rbgshrds25lb (Shards - 25 lbs)

rbgtmpr25lb  (Tempered - 25 lbs)

Starting At: $ 28.00

Bloody Heart Hand-Painted Flexible Foam Rubber Prop, Life Size

For that someone special on Valentine's day, ...no? 

The hand-sculpted heart features amazing detail and realism. Expertly hand-painted in several layers to create a visceral, realistic and bloody looking heart that appears as if it's just been torn out of someone's body. 

Cast in 8-pound density flexible urethane foam. 


Approximate Size: 6.5" x 4" x 3.75"

Weight: 6oz

$ 60.00

FX Medical Scalpel Blade Special Effect Blood Rigged Prop

New Improved Design!

This prop is used to simulate an incision. This real medical scalpel has a dulled blade and a small chamber which can be filled with our Pro Stage Blood to produce the effect of a cut made on the skin.

To use, insert end of scalpel into container of our FX Prop Stage blood, depress the bulb to squeeze out the air, release to suck in an amount of FX blood. Wipe off the end of the blade, and then the prop is ready to use. To use gently depress the bulb as you draw the dulled blade against the skin, A line of fresh blood will dispense looking like a fresh incision.

Approximate Size: 5.75" x 0.25" x 0.5"

SKU: apknf003

$ 64.00

Stunt Blood Rig Utility Blade Box Cutter Prop Effect

This is a real 6" metal utility knife that has been specially rigged to emit stage blood from the blade. The actual blade has been removed and replaced with a plastic blade replica. There is a blood bulb mechanism attached to one side of the knife that allows the user to dispense blood from the end of the blade. This creates a very convincing effect that the knife is cutting open someone's skin.  Comes with two blood bulbs, the prop knife gag and a sample vial of our popular Pro Stage Blood. 

For adult, professional use only. 


 Approximate Length: 6"

$ 56.00

Foam Rubber 22.5 Inch Medium Sized Hatchet Axe Prop

This medium sized axe is perfect for use as a prop. Nicely weighted and beautiful detailed with a dark aged wood, with traces of use and wear, this foam rubber axe can be used in all types of productions.

If you need a different paint style (IE: New, Bloody, etc.)  The axe contains a fiberglass armature inside to keep the prop sturdy while in use to prevent it from bending unrealistically.

This precision made production quality prop is molded off a real tool and has all the details of the actual axe.

Weight: 6oz

Approximate Size: 22.5 x 5.5 1.5"


$ 38.00

Blood Emitting Metal Medieval Dagger Prop with Special Effect Rig

This highly detailed replica prop is a great addition to your medieval period production or use it for display or as a costume piece. Features a real metal stainless steel 440 blade a plastic handle with simulated ivory scrimshaw pattern and an intricate detailed quillion and pommel.

This version includes a special effect blood pump which when operated will emit blood from the edge of the blade to simulate a cut. A very realistic effect. The reservoir is removable and refillable. This kit comes with a sample of our NewRuleFX Stage Blood.

Not a toy. Not suitable for children.

SKU: 5902-Blood

Size: 14" x 3.5" x 1"

Weight: 6.3 oz

$ 60.00

NewRuleFX Plastic Coiled Imitation Metal Razor Wire 20ft, Black


This is injection molded plastic razor wire. It matches the look of our actor safe razor wire but is made in 40" sections of flexible plastic. Each section can be joined end to end to create one long coiled strand to create the illusion of real razor wire coils. Made from black plastic and highlighted with silver paint.

This is great for set dressing, props, and background work. It's still a bit on the sharp side as it is made from plastic. So if you need to have actors tangled up in it, we recommend our Actor Safe Razor Wire. 

Can be painted and distressed to look rusty, dirty or even bloody. 

Approximate Size: 20' length with 1.5" long razor barbs every 4" 


$ 18.00 $ 28.00

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