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What to Know About Breakaway Props

If you are new to using breakaways, here's a few things to consider when making your prop purchase of this type:

Order Early and Order Extra - Ordering early will give us the chance to get your props made prior to your deadline, and also allow us to ship using ground shipping, the method preferred for all breakaways to avoid damage. We make many props to order and need several days turnaround to fulfill your order. Ordering extra will help insure that in the event of damage during shipping or handling in production you, have the number you need. Extras breakaways make great cast-party giveaways!

Keep Breakaways At Room Temperature - Breakaways are susceptible to temperature shock. They should be kept at room temperature, and not exposed to extremes in temperature. If you are going to put liquids in your breakaway bottle, be sure it is also room temperature, or else thermal shock may occur.

Protect Eyes - Even though the fragments of breakaway props are much safer than real glass or ceramic, foreign debris in the eyes is never a good idea. Take precautions to make sure that eyes are protected from bits of props.

If Using Liquid In Breakaways - First, check to be sure your item can hold liquid, many props are manufactured in a way that includes small holes. This is part of the manufacturing process and allows us to remove these brittle products from their mold without breaking. Allow the liquid to come to room temperature. Pouring a hot or cold liquid into a breakaway will most likely shatter it. Consider contacting us to make a specifically formulated prop or your needs. The "Actor-Safe" props are generally meant to be empty, and are usually too brittle to carry the weight of an added liquid safely. Contact us with your specific need and we can create a prop for your needs. The extra weight that a liquid will introduce to the prop, may create unsafe condition for your actor or cause the prop to break prematurely.


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