NewRuleFX Shipping, Returns Policy & Information

Checkout: Desired Delivery Date Information

Most every order needs to be built according to your options, packaged and then prepared for shipment. Depending on the prop, quantity and our workload, this may be 1 day, it may be over a week. If you have a time-critical delivery date, It's a great idea to contact us to be sure that we can meet your deadline. 

On the order checkout page there is a field marked "Desired Delivery Date" The date that you enter here is a date that you wish to have your items delivered by. It does not guarantee that we can meet that date and does not obligate us to do so. This information serves as a way for us to prioritize orders during heavy volume weeks. We always do our best to get our products built and shipped as soon as possible. 

●Please factor in build time as well as shipping travel time into your order. If you need more information about this, please feel free to contact us.● 

Information Regarding Damage to Breakaways Occurring in Transit.

We work for hours on a breakaway prop; artfully crafting, molding and shaping them, getting the color just right, handling their delicate shells oh so gingerly, washing them and tenderly packaging each one of them to the best of our ability in a small fortunes worth of packaging. We ship them off, ridiculously adorned with "Fragile! Glass!" decals and caution warnings.

Once in awhile, one of our packages gets a little extra "handling" by the shipping companies.

Due to the extremely fragile nature of these products we cannot guarantee that these items will arrive unbroken if shipped. If you have received merchandise that is damaged, retain all materials and contact us so that we can submit a damage/loss claim with the shipping company (FedEx, UPS OnTracUSPS). We ship all of our orders insured for the value of the order. If the claim is approved and a refund for damaged materials made, we will credit your card in the amount of the claim provided. We cannot guarantee that the shipping company will approve the claim however.

Return Policy for Breakaway Props & Custom Props

Replacements on breakaways must be handled as a new order at your cost. If you need to purchase additional products, you can do so using our regular store process and order 24/7 online at

We do not offer refunds on breakaway or expendable merchandise received damaged or broken.

Return Policy for Non-Breakaway Props

Please contact us for a return authorization. Expendables, supplies, custom made props and equipment, and non-standard customizations of any of our products are sold as-is, all sales final. If you have any questions regarding the fitness, use or operation of any of our products, please contact us. All authorized returns are subject to a 15% re-stocking fee. At this time we do not rent equipment or products, nor do we accept returns for products that show obvious signs of use.

Note about Credit Card Charges and Authorizations.

When checking out from our online shopping cart it is important that you provide the correct billing address for the card that you are using. If the shipping and billing information do not match, be sure to provide both complete addresses. If you billing address information does not match the information associated with your card, our fraud detection system will prevent the order from processing. Please note that a charge authorization for the amount MAY STILL APPEAR on your account. This amount is held as pending with your Credit Card Company or Issuing Bank. These funds are released back to your account depending on your financial institution's timeline and we have no control of that. Do not attempt to place multiple orders if you do not have the correct information, this will result in multiple authorization holds being placed on your credit or debit card.

To learn more about how authorization holds work check out this link:

Need a W9 Form from us?

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