Rubber Props

Rubber Props Our collection of rubber props are realistic reproductions of the real thing made in a variety of flexible materials including flexible urethane foam and solid rubber. Made to be more safe their their original counterparts.

Rubber Frying Pan

The frying pan is a great prop that has long and deep roots in physical comedy sketches.

Our custom molds are created from an actual traditional cast iron skillet. Made from a flexible dense rubber urethane plastic, these props are carefully cast and artfully finished to resemble a new cast-iron skillet.

There is a metal armature wire inside the handle and rim of the prop so that you can hold the frying pan from the handle and the flexible rubber will not "droop" unrealistically. 

This is a well engineered stunt prop.

Safe to use for action scenes!

Approximate Size: 14" x 10" x 2"

Weight: 11 oz.

SKU: spurfp001


$ 49.00

Foam Rubber Standard Claw Hammer Stunt Prop

This is a handmade lightweight foam claw hammer prop.

An expertly hand-finished prop that features detailed wood grain on the handle and a steel cast iron look head. You can also select a more aged version with a dirty, used-looking handle and rusty, aged head.

This foam prop features a rigid core construction to allow full use and action that allows for complete safety. The soft foam head allows for safe impact when used with actors. ** We never recommend actual wood handled props due to the possibility of harm. **

This hammer is designed for stage and screen use; for combat scenes, funny gags, or in any situation where a real hammer would be too dangerous to use. You can hit someone on the head with this hammer without harm.

NOTE: Because of the handmade nature of this prop, each will have some variation in color and grain.

Approximate Size: 13.25" x 1.25" x 5"

SKU: spfhm001

Starting At: $ 31.99 $ 46.00

Foam Beretta 9mm Semi Automatic Handgun Prop

Perfect for action scenes requiring physical contact with the weapon, we've developed the foam handgun. Great for scenes requiring getting hit with the gun or involving stunts where being in contact with a hard, metal gun, even hard resin prop gun may be dangerous.

This is modeled after a Beretta Model 92, 9mm semi-automatic handgun style finished in Matte black or Silver, and made with a solid, flexible foam.

As this gun is cast completely from foam, it is completely safe and does not fire anything and cannot be modified to do so. Gun is shipped with a bright orange tip as required by law.

Approximate Size: 8.5" x 3.5" x 2.25"

SKU: wpgun001

Understand Gun Laws in Your State before ordering. Click Here

$ 26.99

Foam .38 Snub Nose Revolver Handgun Pistol Prop

This .38 Special revolver is precision molded from a flexible foam rubber and finished in a silver-chrome finish or black finish. This is a non-firing replica and cannot made to fire anything. Great for scenes involving stunts and fighting where a real, or even a resin prop might be dangerous.

Ships with a blaze orange tip as required by law.

Approximate Size: 6" x 1.5" x 4.5"

SKU: apgun002

Understand Gun Laws in Your State before ordering. Click Here

$ 34.00

Flexible Urethane Foam Cement Cinder Block Prop

Molded from a flexible foam urethane rubber and finished to resemble a real cement cinder block. This prop is safe for use in impact situations. Use several to create a faux brick wall and crash through!

These cinder blocks are hand-made to order. Please allow plenty of time to create these great props for your project.

Approximate Size: 7-5/8 x 7-5/8 x 15-5/8"

SKU: spufcb001

$ 39.00

Baseball Bat Flexible Foam Rubber Prop with Fiberglass Core - 3 Styles

Foam Baseball Bat NEW & IMPROVED

This bat contains a fiberglass core to help this prop keep it's shape. It's safe for professionally choreographed fight scenes. Use caution when using in impact scenes with actors. It is soft, but also dense to a certain degree.

Now with 3 Finish Styles!

Durable urethane foam bat built to look like a real wood or aluminum baseball bat. Available in Light Wood, Dark Wood, and Aluminum.

SKU: spufbb001 - Light Wood Grain

spufbb002 - Aluminum Style

spufbb003 - Dark Grain Style 


Size: 32" x 2.3" x 2.3"

Weight: 15.5 oz

Starting At: $ 39.99 $ 80.00

NewRuleFX Foam Rubber Crowbar Prop

Foam Crowbar

Such a mean looking tool, the crowbar, in the entertainment industry, never seems to be used to pull up flooring or remove nails.

This wrecking bar is a dense foam prop that is flexible and lightweight so it's safe for use in it's more popular uses on stage and screen to bludgeon and destroy.

Item comes in semigloss black with brushed silver highlights (scratches)

Contact us if you want a different finish (IE: Rusty, Flat Black, etc.)

Approximate Size: 29.5" x 1.25" x 5"

SKU: spucbr002

$ 28.99 $ 50.00

Foam Rubber Hatchet Axe Prop

This popular tool is very common in many types of productions. Often used in many types of Action and Horror movies. It can be carried by firefighters or used to cut wood, or people.

Each foam rubber hatchet is hand-finished with a black steel blade, that includes silver details and a hand-grained wood handle with a simulated rubber textured grip. The hatchet itself contains an armature inside to keep the prop sturdy while in use to prevent it from bending unrealistically.

This precision made production quality prop is molded off a real tool and has all the details of the actual small axe.

Rusty version available, contact us for details.

Approximate Size: 14" x .75" x 5.5"

SKU: spuaxe002

$ 20.00

Foam 16" Rubber Sledgehammer Prop

This is a hand-made lightweight sledgehammer prop is made from urethane foam and features a flexible yet rigid foam handle with a soft flexible foam head. It is expertly hand-finished and detailed with wood grain on the handle and a steel, aged head for a completely realistic look.

This sledgehammer is designed for stage and screen use; for combat scenes, funny gags, or in any situation where a real sledgehammer would be too dangerous to use.

Available in a worn, rusty version as well.

Approximate Size: 5.5" x 1.75" x 16"

SKU: spuhm002

$ 45.00

Flexible Foam Aluminum Can Prop

Flexible foam rubber prop molded in the shape of an aluminum soda or beer can. Finished in silver. Label not included.

Approximate Size: 3" x 2.5" x 4.5"

SKU: apcan001

$ 35.00

Foam Rubber Fire Extinguisher Prop

Molded from the real thing this medium duty ABC type dry chemical fire extinguisher consists of a flexible foam canister and plastic nozzle.

This prop comes complete with a cleared label and is finished in bright red. Great for action scenes where safety is first!

Approximate Size: 4.5" x 4.5" x 16"

SKU: spufxt001

$ 95.00

Medium Foam Stone Rock

Molded from a flexible foam urethane rubber and finished to resemble a real stone rock. These rocks are hand-made to order and each will vary slightly in color, size and shape... Just like nature!

This prop is safe for use in impact situations. 

Contact us for custom props with specific size or shape requirements

Approximate Size: 4.5" x 4" x 4"

SKU: spurck001

$ 20.00

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