1/2 Inch Spike Tape

Spike tape is a staple on the sets of Hollywood productions and Broadway stages alike. Essentially 1/2" wide gaffer's tape, spike tape is commonly used to mark sets and the positions of cast in productions.

Spike tape is commonly used to bundle cables, label equipment and is easily torn by hand. The specially engineered synthetic rubber adhesive grips strong and pulls away clean.

Our spike tape comes in 50 yard rolls, is 1/2" wide and comes in black and white.

Approximate Size: 6"x 0.5" x 6"

SKU: exstp001

$ 10.95

11" Solid Rubber Survival Style Training or Prop Knife

Very durable solid rubber knife. Features black handle and painted silver blade. This is a heady duty prop and has a good heft to it. Overall length: 11 inches.


Size: 11" x 2.75" x 1"

Weight: 8.2 oz

$ 18.00

11.9" Rubber Training Knife Black & Silver Solid Rubber Prop

This is a solid rubber knife that is perfect for use in police and tactical training as well as props in close-proximity simulated fighting. Features a simulated 7" blade with dark silver finish.

This is an extremely durable prop.


Size: 11.9" x 2.5" x .75"

Weight: 3.7 oz

$ 18.00

13" Pair All Metal Black Sai with Black & Gold Handle

 All Metal Black Sai Props with wrapped black and gold fabric handles. This is a real metal replica of the traditional Japanese melee weapon that is used by many martial arts practitioners and even the police force in Okinawa, Japan.


SKU: M0850-13BK

Size: 13" x 4.6" x 1" (individual)

Weight: 13.3 oz (individual)

$ 28.95 $ 68.00

2 Inch Gaffers Tape

What makes our line of gaffer's tape better than the rest?

How about precisely engineered synthetic-rubber based adhesive that grips strong and then pulls off cleanly. UV resistant cloth woven tape that tears cleanly with not frayed bits at the edge. The tough outer layer resists wear and abrasion under harsh conditions and has a matte finish to reduce light reflection. We know that gaffers tape is the expendable that really holds the entertainment industry together so we give you a gripping power of 45 pounds per square inch.

We present a product that makes things just a bit easier by being a quality product at an affordable price.

Available now in 2" width in black, grey and white. 12 Mil thick, 60 yards per roll.

Approximate Size: 6" x 2" x 6"

SKU: exgtp001

$ 25.95

33.25" Polypropylene Battle Sword Plastic Contact Prop

Extremely durable solid polypropylene plastic battle sword with amazing detail and bright shiny blade finish. This sword is combat ready for full-contact fight scenes. It has a good weight and is suitable for fight choreography with other polypropylene or foam swords.

Not suggested for contact with unshielded actors, as it has significant weight. 

Finished in bright silver, bronze and black plating style.

More images coming soon!


Size: 33.75" x 8" x 1.75"

Weight: 1.31 lbs

$ 49.00 $ 86.00

33.5" Metal Gold and Silver Excalibur King Arthur Sword with Scabbard Replica Prop

 This stunning highly detailed replica sword features a real metal 440 Stainless blade and a simulated leather scabbard. A striking gold cross guard pommel and Scabbard tip with intricate details and King Arthur crest.

This is a compact size Excalibur sword measuring 33.5 Long, it's perfect for costume use or display. 

More images coming soon!


SKU: L-900-GD-S

Size: 33.5" x 6.5" x 1"

Weight: 1.13 lbs

$ 58.00

38" Long Antique Western Rifle Gun Display Prop

Intricately detailed metal and wood rifle prop. Features working trigger. Comes with two lightweight plastic stands. 

 This does not fire anything and cannot be made to do so. It is an antique style replica and as such is not required to have the blaze orange tip. 

SKU: H-8138

Approximate Size: 38 x 9 x 2.25"

Weight: 4.05Lbs

$ 86.00

4 pc Throwing Knives Set

Metal Throwing Blades.


These are REAL METAL SHARP BLADES. Sharpened to a very sharp blade and point. For professional use. Balanced throwing blades in 4 anodized colors.  Comes with a nylon carrying case.

SKU: A-2005-4

Size: blade 4.5" x 1"; handle 3.25" x .75"

Weight: 2 oz (individual knife)

$ 24.99

45" Foam Masonic Arming Sword. Urethane Foam with Fiberglass Core Action Prop

NEW! Sturdy and detailed urethane foam sword, with an inner core that allows this prop to be used in productions, role playing (LARP) or anywhere a metal sword is not safe. 

The blade is finished in silver and the handle is finished in Gold, Grey and Black. 

SKU: G-BL009

Size: 45" x 9" x 2.5"

Weight: 13.2 oz

$ 33.00

6 Breakaway Green Mugs Blowout Pricing!

We are offering a very special price for this set of 6 opaque green breakaway mugs. This price is good for this color/style only and is offered as an affordable way to build up your breakaway stockpile. 

This is the lowest price ever offered for this product by us or anyone else.

Built to order, usually ships in 1-3 days

$ 49.00 $ 90.00

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