Breakaway Balsa Wood Props

Breakaway Balsa Wood Props

We use balsa wood to create the collection of prop furniture, tools and other items that you see here. Because balsa wood is so light, it is far more safe than ordinary wood and many of the items here can be broken very easily. Balsa is the pros choice for creating realistic wood props that break dramatically in production and on stage. 

Balsa is naturally a light color with a coarse open grain. The wood is very soft even though it is considered a hardwood. Balsa is susceptible to scratching and denting easily. This wood finishes quickly and smoothly. Balsa takes stain and pant very all adding to it’s exceptional properties for use as props

Explore our ever-growing collection of balsa wood inspired props and supplies, then place your order for your project. Keep in mind that many of the items featured here are built to order and may take up to a week to fabricate before they are shipped. Remember to order early and order extra so that you have several takes at that dramatic scene.

Many items are available in different finishes, so be sure to read the details when making your selection.

We can build custom balsa props for all types of projects and if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for here, please Contact Us to discuss how we can create the perfect item for your project. Our friendly, experienced team is standing by. 

We employ a combination of old-world hand woodworking skills alongside the latest in computer CNC technology to process our products. We focus on craftsmanship and low price. 

Breakaway Balsa Wood Baseball Bat Stunt Prop

As the name says, this is a balsa wood carved baseball bat. The entire bat weighs in at less than 6 ounces!  It is precisely made from a CNC lathe, then hand sanded and finished for an authentic look and feel. This is a top quality prop for use in movies, TV, theatre and live performances. Struck against anything hard and the bat will break and splinter like a real wood bat. If you plan to use this for contact with an individual, padding is advised, because while it is light, it is still rigid and would likely hurt. Use by stunt persons advised. You may score the backside to "set" the crack area as well.

Size: 2.25" diameter 31.5" Long. 

Natural wood finish. Can be painted or stained.

$ 89.00

Breakaway Clock Regulator Style Antique Pendulum Stunt Prop

So beautiful, you almost hate to destroy it. But alas, that's why we've made this beautiful antique clock. Reminiscent of the popular "Regulator" style pendulum clocks. From its invention in 1656 by Christiaan Huygens until the 1930s, the pendulum clock was the world's most precise timekeeper, accounting for its widespread use. Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries pendulum clocks in homes, factories, offices and railroad stations served as primary time standards for scheduling daily life, work shifts, and public transportation, and their greater accuracy allowed the faster pace of life which was necessary for the Industrial Revolution.

This beautiful reproduction is expertly carved from balsa wood and stained a rich dark tone. It features a pane of breakaway glass that is 9.5" x 16".  The clock hands are adhesive and you can set the time to whatever time you wish. (This clock does not have an active clock movement, but could be adapted to have one if desired.) The pendulum is stationary.

The clock is made entirely from balsa wood, breakaway glass and has a foam core back cover, so it's ready to be smashed/destroyed for a very dramatic scene!

The whole clock, including the breakaway glass panes weighs only 2lbs, 4 oz. 

Overall dimensions, 24" High x 12.5" Wide x 6 Deep.


Historical information source: Wikipedia
$ 195.00

Balsa Breakaway Chair Stunt Prop

Check out our new improved, CNC machine cut breakaway balsa wood chair.

Great for a big dramatic fight scene.

Although it looks like a heavy, sturdy wood chair, this made-to-order balsa wood chair is extremely light and breaks apart easily. Don't sit on this chair unless you want to end up on the ground!

Available in several finishes.

Shipped partially assembled for easy packaging and requires hot glue to assemble.

Approximate Size: 16.5" x 18.25" x 31"

SKU: spfchr001

$ 135.00 $ 150.00

Balsa Breakaway Coffee Table Stunt Prop

Breakaway balsa wood construction breaks easily and safely upon impact. 

It features a large flat top and straight legs.

This universal style will allow this table to be used in may different periods and is available in several finishes.

Shipped partially assembled for easy packaging and requires hot glue to assemble.

Approximate Size:  36" x 24" x 18.5"

SKU: spftbl003

$ 250.00 $ 350.00

Balsa and Breakaway Glass 8x10 Picture Frame Prop

This breakaway prop picture frame features a clear glass breakaway insert and breakaway balsa wood frame. The frame can be hung via the attached hanging mounts on the backboard or with the included swing-out stand.

Any type of artwork sized 8x10 inches or less can be slipped into the frame. The frame can be made in several types of finishes to match the decor of your set.

Approximate Size: 1" x 10.5" x 13"

SKU: spffrm001

$ 48.00

Balsa Wood Crash-able Traffic Barricade Stunt Prop

This is a full sized traffic barricade the type commonly seen in construction zones and covering all manner of obstacles on the road or sidewalks across America.  This particular barricade is made completely from lightweight balsa wood. This gives this props lots of potential for detraction via car, human, bicycle, whatever you can dream up!  The entire unit weighs only 5 lbs and folds up compact exactly like it's real counterpart (Which we also can sell).

Overall dimensions (folded) 46" tall x 24"wide x 4.5" thick.

Available with orange safety stripes or all-white for your own lettering or graphics to be applied.


Product Code: SPFTBC001 (orange), SPFTBC002 (white)

$ 190.00

Balsa & Glass Breakaway Coffee Table Stunt Prop

This is a fantastic piece of breakaway furniture that features a precisely constructed balsa wood table with six panes of breakaway glass in the top. 

A modern, yet simple style will allow this piece to be used in many different time periods. Our wide range of finishes allows for flexibility in your project.

Please allow plenty of time for us to custom build this prop for you. Shipped partially assembled for easy packaging and requires hot glue to assemble.

Approximate Size: 36" x 26" x 24"

SKU: spftbl004

$ 325.00 $ 350.00

Balsa wood Breakaway Folding Chair Smashable Stunt Action Prop. Breaks Easily.

This balsa wood breakaway chair is modeled off off a popular type of folding rental chair. It is extremely light and breaks apart easily.

Used for realistic fight scenes, crash scenes, or anywhere that a real chair would be too dangerous to use. Built for use by professional stunt persons to reduce the risk of injury or damage. 

Seen in many major TV shows, Motion Pictures, Theatrical Productions and wrestling matches. 

Available in several finishes. 

Shipped partially assembled for easy packaging and requires hot glue to assemble.

Built to order, usually ships in 1-3 days

Approximate Size: 18.5" x 16.5" x 31.25"

SKU: spfchr002

$ 190.00

Balsa Breakaway Bar Stool Stunt Prop

This breakaway balsa wood bar stool is a simple and universal design that would look perfect in almost any setting or time period. Use it in a bar scene or next to the kitchen counter.

It's tall design and rugged look provide a dramatic explosion of wood when destroyed.

This piece adds great production value at a reasonable price and is available in several finishes.

Shipped partially assembled for easy packaging and requires hot glue to assemble.

Approximate Size: 15" x 15" x 29"

SKU: spfstool001

$ 150.00

Balsa Breakaway Bookcase Stunt Prop

Our breakaway bookcase looks just like the real thing.

Made from ultra-lightweight balsa wood, it looks like real hard wood, but breaks easily and safely upon impact.

This prop is available in our standard color finish options, or can be finished to your specifications. Features three shelves and is shipped partially unassembled for convenient shipping. Unit assembles easily using hot glue in just minutes.

Approximate Size: 30" x 12" x 39"

SKU: spfbkc001

$ 340.00

Balsa Breakaway End Table Stunt Prop

This breakaway balsa wood end table is a nonchalant piece of furniture that can hold very light props before being broken.

It's simple style makes it a prop that can fit in with any decor and several time periods.

Available in several finishes.

Shipped partially assembled for easy packaging and requires hot glue to assemble.

Approximate Size: 20" x 20" x 23"

SKU: spftbl002

$ 200.00

Balsa Wood Breakaway Door Stunt Prop

Our Low-priced Breakaway Door Prop

Time for a SMASHING entrance! Our custom built breakaway door is a full size door carefully crafted in fine detail and constructed with ultra light balsa wood. It is very thin and light and will allow a performer to burst through this sturdy-looking wood door without effort. The stunt prop is made to look as if it's a standard exterior or interior door, complete with insets that appear to be routed from a large thick solid piece. It only weighs a few pounds and most likely will not be around for a second take. This door is finished on one side only. Contact us if you require a stunt door that is finished on both sides or you require breakaway glass installed, special designs, sizes, etc.

The door is made to order and takes 1-2 weeks depending on balsa stock on-hand and current project load. Delivery may be limited to pickup at our location in Van Nuys, CA or custom delivery to the Greater Los Angeles area.

NOTE: When you purchase this item, the shipping/delivery cost will NOT be charged at that time, but WILL be charged separately once it is determined how the item will be shipped. Your purchase of this item online signifies consent of these terms. Contact us for more information.

Doors are available in any of our standard breakaway wood finishes. Other wood finishes are available upon request.

Approximate Size: 36" x 1.25" x 80"

SKU: spfdoor001

$ 385.00

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