NewRuleFX Custom Fabrication Showcase

Here's a few of the custom projects that we've done for some of our valued clients.

Hero Hand Prop Ceramic Blade Knives for "Non-Stop"

When a major motion picture company calls needing an assortment of ceramic bladed knives that can perform in various ways safely on the set, NewRuleFX goes to work. We produced several different types of prop knives to be used in the production of  the movie "Non-Stop" starring Liam Neeson. We created flexible blade knives, retractable blade knives as well as cut-down blade knives. We have the ability to make multiple versions of important props when realism, accuracy and safety is paramount.


Gold Bar Props for “Gold Rush” TV Series

NewRuleFX has produced various gold bar and nugget props for several popular gold related TV shows; including the popular Gold Rush and After the Gold.  Our resin and plastic props were designed to look like the real thing and helped dress the backgrounds of their sets. 


Breakaway Cinderblock Wall for Cinemax Series “Banshee”

Driving a car through the side of a motel room is easily accomplished with the help of NewRuleFX breakaway cinderblock bricks. Each cinderblock was made by hand, then crated and shipped to North Carolina where the wall was finished; and then destroyed dramatically on camera for the show.

NewRuleFX has provided many props and effects for the Banshee series including breakaway chairs and other set pieces.

Character Elements for Disney Series "Blank a Vinylmation Love Story"

NewRuleFX provided various small prototype and on-camera hero props for a Disney TV series with very fast turn-around times. We cast several helmets and 3D printed the face of the steam shovel character.

We utilized 3D printing and traditional mold making and casting techniques to create the parts.  Check out Disney's behind the scenes of the crew in action creating this film.

BTS - Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story on Disney Video

Articulated Micro Sandwich for Subway TV Commercial

NewRuleFX was hired to create a very special, teeny tiny sandwich for a Subway Commercial.  Not only did it need to be very small, it had to look fresh and delicioius, have the proper amount of meat, cheese and condiments, as well as resemble the Subway sandwich that it was replicating. In addition, the sandwich was to become an animated character in the commercial "The Bull", so it had to be fully flexible and articulated. A big feat for such a tiny meal, but we pulled it off and had a blast in the process. Oh, and it's low in calories too!

Flexible "Steel" I-Beam and Rubber guns for Superman

Giving people superpowers is one of our specialties. Feats of incredible strength are easy after we've created realistic steel 
I-beams made from foam urethane rubber and aluminum rods.  

Our custom rubber guns, each hand assembled and painted also allowed the hero to save the day!

Breakaway Cups for Modern Art Installation

100 Breakaway Red Party cups in productionBreakaway versions of red party cups and foam cinderblocks were built for world renowned modern media artist Ryan Trecartin 

These were featured in his multimedia installation "Center Jenny". His work debuted in Paris in 2013.

Articulated Robot Arms and Hands for TV Commercial

These robotic hands were manually articulated to allow grasping of objects in the shot. 


Giant Breakaway Ketchup Bottle

We custom built a 26" tall breakaway ketchup bottle. The bottle was sculpted full size from clay by artist Sarah List and a large silicone mold was produced to allow us to create several breakaway glass bottles.

The confetti filled prop was built to christen and celebrate 75 years of the "Weinermobile" and The Oscar Mayer Sandwich truck in New York's Time Square by Food Network celebrity chef Tyler Florence.

Wacky Kettle Toy Pot

Something fun, wacky and colorful was the guidance we received to bring a magical cooking pot to life for a children's video series. The pot was constructed from a variety of found objects and fabricated items. Bright colors and finishes created a whimsical prop that worked great on the set.

Assorted Body Parts

One of the staples of a special effects company is creating various body parts. We have the capability to create virtually any part of the body in an type of condition. 

Whether its a bucket of severed ears, cut-off fingers, arms, legs or even whole bodies, we can create realistic body props, delivered on time and on budget. 

Full Scale Lunar Module Spacecraft and Apollo 11 Spacesuits

New Rule Productions was tasked with creating an entire full-scale Lunar Module set as well as the fabrication and construction of two accurate Apollo 11 Spacesuits for Spaceweek. Our parent company New Rule Productions produced a live-action historical 
re-enactment of the landing on the moon.

One of the two spacesuits is on permanent display at a science and space museum in Florida.

Full Size Battlegear of Wrath, Fantasy Costume

We constructed a gigantic life-sized costume from image captures from a popular multiplayer role playing game.  The costume was showcased at the  popular Blizzcon in 2013.   Using the computer files, Ryan Johnson, Sarah List and Tony Ramirez constructed and sculpted the challenging armor and details creating a fantastic and head-turning wearable piece of art. All in record time.


We are so lucky to be able to work with so many wonderful and creative people on many different types of projects. We look forward to working with you on your project, please, Contact Us to discuss your custom project.

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