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Be a NewRuleFX Affiliate. Earn 15% On All Sales You Refer.



Become an Affiliate and Earn 15%How Does it Work? Do you want to earn some extra money? Do you have a popular production-related blog or website?  Consider becoming an Affiliate with us and earn money for customers that purchase items from  


First, you register as an authorized Affiliate marketer and get your unique tracking code. You place the unique link on your site where viewers that are interested in props and special effects products. Or send it to your friends or associates that you know would be interested.  When the customer clicks through your specific link and completes a purchase on you will receive a 15% commission on the purchase price of the products sold.

What Does it Cost?

It costs you nothing and is simple and automatic to integrate. You receive commissions automatically on all completed orders placed through your affiliate code. is the company that handles the network, billing, and integration. NOTE: You must enroll in the Unified Payments feature to receive automatic monthly commission payments. 

How Much Can I Make?

How much money you make is completely dependent on the number of sales that are made on the site that have been brought in through your affiliate code. The revenue rate is 15% of sales made. Shipping, Handling, and Tax are not counted towards the percentage.  There is no limit to the amount that you can earn. The sale must be converted within 30 days of clicking the link.

Affiliates must not use techniques or technology that can be in any way considered SPAM. Aggressive or abusive marketing will not be tolerated. Use common sense and good judgment. has the full right and authority to discontinue an Affiliate's program any time for any reason without prior notice.


Questions? Contact us and we'll be happy to walk you through it.