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Want to see our work in action? Scroll down and view some of the videos below. Please support these artists and help support creative filmmaking and production. 

Do you have a video to share, send it to us and we may include it here! 

NOTE: Some videos depict graphic violence. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris

Breakaway Bar Stool, Breakaway Glass Bottles

Breakaway Glass Bottles


Jessica Jones - Netflix

Numerous custom props and breakaways.


Del Taco TV Commercial

Custom Bear Trap Prop, Custom Stiletto Knife Gag

Knott's Berry Farm, Mine Ride Restoration


Over 100 custom made hand props and set elements. 


Just Another Day

Breakaway Bottles

Your everyday man can sometimes be the hero you were looking for. Bernie, a old timer collector for a bookie is on a routine collection. He gets caught up with a small gang of guys who underestimate him because of his age and size.


The Raid 2: BERANDAL Hammer Girl Fight

Foam Hammers and Stage Blood

STORY OF HAMMERGIRL (the short film) A month or so ago, Lee B Golden ( messaged me and told me that I should do my rendition of the Hammer Girl fight from The Raid 2: Berendal.


Wrecking Ball Music Video Parody

Foam Hammer Props, Breakaway Cinder Blocks 


Blood of the Realm Teaser

Custom Retractable Syringes

"Amasan" is the first of the teaser trailers for Blood of the Realm, the epic fantasy novel by Lee Sanders & Michael McNelly.


The Takeover

CO2 Smoke FX, Breakaway Glass, Custom 3D printed Key Props

The OFFICIAL CONCEPT FILM starring the faculty of The Exclusive Winter Dance Event "Rock The House." Visit for more information. Executive Producers: Cindy Lapes & Jeffrey Lapes Conceived & Directed By: "The Mɛtaˈfizikal"® - Monique C. Borromeo & Will B.


The Danger Element

Breakaway Bottles



Breakaway Bottle Prank

Breakaway Bottles

We informed everyone it was a prank after we pranked them
Everyone consented to being in the video
Clothes by:
Shot by: Kiarash Reghabi
Video by:
Jimmy Tatro and Christian Pierce


SMASHProps Old Promo Video


Old Promo, The Angry Neighbor


Breakaway champagne bottle 


TV News Story about NewRuleFX (Then called SMASHProps)


In our previous location, assorted Breakaways Featured. Breakaway Chair Smash


Breakaway Bud Vase, Breakaway Chair

2015 April Fools Day Video


Funny video about using real glass bottles as breakaways. (We actually used breakaways, and plastic bottles to produce the video)


Voltage 2014 The Pursuit - Teen Party Performance

(Jump to 21:18)  for Breakaway Beer Bottles





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