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Money Bag - Canvas Cloth Drawstring 6 x 9 inch

$ 9.00
SKU NNEW000001S00

This product is a classic-style cloth money bag, reminiscent of those seen in old movies or cartoons symbolizing a bank heist loot. The bag is made of a sturdy, off-white 60/40 Cotton/Poly canvas material, which is both durable and gives it an authentic feel. It's secured at the top with a heavy-duty, natural-colored rope drawstring that complements the bag's vintage look.

On the front, a bold, black dollar sign is printed, immediately conveying the purpose of the bag and adding to its playful, old-timey bank sack appearance. This symbol is iconic and universally recognized, which makes the bag instantly identifiable as related to money or finance.

The Prop measures 6x9" and is substantial enough to hold a significant amount of items, whether it's used for carrying money, coins, tokens, or as a novel packaging for a gift. 

From those looking for a unique way to gift cash to collectors of novelty items or even businesses that might use them for promotional events. 

Approximate Size: 6" x 9" Flat

Drawstring closure. dollar "$" symbol silkscreened in black on front

Approximate Weight: 2 oz.