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AR-15 Style Assault Rifle Inert Foam Prop Replica with Permanent Magazine

$ 138.00

This AR-15 prop was molded from a real AR-15 style rifle and the foam rubber prop replica boasts all of the details of the real thing! Expertly hand-poured in two separate pieces, the entire prop is hand-finished in black. Please note, the texture of the foam will have some tiny bubbles because of the nature of the foam material. The magazine cartridge is permanent. Now available in 2 styles, brand new black or weathered and tattered for your next Apocalypse Movie! Each prop is subject to variation due to its handmade nature. 

Perfect for direct contact use with actors or where a real gun poses too much danger, use it in your next heist scene! 

Size: 34.5" x 10.5" x 3.5"

Weight: 24.8oz

NOTE: This prop is made to order, and may take anywhere from one to four business days before it is ready to ship out or pick up. Please do contact us, if you need it sooner! (818) 387-6450

Replica and Imitation Firearm Notice: 

This prop is inert, made of rubber, plastic, or foam, is not, and cannot be made capable of firing any projectile. Regardless of images on this site, it is sold/provided with the orange marking required by law.

Your purchase, transportation, and use of these props constitute consent and representation that these products are being used lawfully in television, motion pictures, or theatrical productions or for approved training purposes. 

Please review the details of the federal law here: