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We specialize in props that are built to break easily upon impact. Breakaways are special versions of their real-life counterpart that have been built specifically for use as a special effect. We make breakaways from a variety of materials and provide these props for professional and amateur productions all over the world. Explore each category to see the variety of breakaway props that we have available. If you don't find what you are looking for, contact us to discuss you custom prop.

Breakaway Glass

Glasses and bottles make up the majority of our breakaway collection. All of our breakaway products can be built in a variety of colors and in a translucent (glass like) material or an opaque (china like) material.

Breakaway Bricks & Masonry

Specially made bricks, blocks and stones allow dramatic effects that appear to have formidable weight but are actually very lightweight and safe for impact. These props are designed to break, crumble or crack. 

Breakaway Balsa Props & Furniture

We create our breakaway furniture from various materials with a focus on safety and affordability.


Misc. Breakaways

Several other types of breakaway props that we have created and made available for purchase.

 Information About Breakaways  ●  DIY Breakaway Sugar Glass  ●  Products Overview 


 We're always working to source or build new props and effects. Check back often to see our latest offerings. As always, if you don't see something that you need please contact us, chances are we can make or get anything that you need!

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