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SMASHProps Breakaway Stubby Beer Bottle Prop

$ 20.00

HOORAY! Molded from a Red Stripe beer bottle, this squat little bottle is a style commonly found in many places outside of the US, including Canada, Jamaica and the UK. Use it when something a bit different from our regular long neck beer bottle is desired. Also referred to as a Steinie, these short fat bottles are favored because of their ability to pack into a smaller space for transportation. These bottles began their appearance in the mid 1930's and they're perfect for period sets.

For an added punch, fill bottle with a small amount of our NewRuleFX Brand Pro Formula Stage Blood to create an immediate head-wound effect! (Pro Stage Blood Sold Separately) Breaks easily upon impact. Actor safe! Some breakaways are even capable of holding room temperature liquids! Individual results will vary.

Approximate Size:  2.5" x 2.5" x 6.5"

Weight: 2.5oz