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Set Safe Prop Guns

NewRuleFX Announces a New Line of Set-Safe Inert Gun and Weapon Props

There’s no doubt the use of guns in a production can add drama, danger and high stakes to a scene. Hollywood has been using gun and other weapons since the beginning of the industry. 

With recent events again putting the use of real guns and even the use of blanks on the set in the crosshairs, high profile studios, directors, actors and producers are increasingly vowing to ban the use of real weapons and blank loaded guns in productions. 

High quality replica gun props combined with easily-added post production effects prevent the danger from extending beyond the screen to the actors and crew. A tragic history of events on sets have made the use of set-safe weapon props a responsible alternative. 

NewRuleFX has been in the business of keeping actors and crew safe since their start in 2010. With an ever-growing line of breakaway props, rubber props and replica items, there is no need to risk putting people in harm’s way for the sake of realism.

NewRuleFX has made big investments in order to be able to offer a line of high quality rubber and plastic replica guns at a very affordable price point; and, starting in mid-February 2022, the company is announcing an expanded Set-Safe lineup of weapons including inert rubber, foam and plastic long guns, handguns, knives and more. 

These weapons are entirely inert and cannon fire or be made to fire any projectiles. They are molded solid props that are durable, detailed and safe. The cost of these props are exponentially cheaper than their real metal counterparts and can be purchased for less than the cost of a few days rental rates elsewhere. Industry leading prop masters and armorers are making conscientious decisions by investing in these Set-Safe props for their own working collections. 

There is no reason for anyone to be hurt, much less killed while creating entertainment. Responsible weapons handling, the prohibition of live guns anywhere on a set and a carefully trained cast and crew can help insure that the tragedies of the past won’e be repeated again in the future. 

NewRuleFX has been committed to providing safe alternatives for actors and crew when it comes to guns and props whose real-world counterpart can be dangerous and even deadly. The dynamic environment and fast pace of production creates enough dangers for the cast and crew to avoid. Having Set-Safe guns and weapons is an easy solution to an issue that has proven to be deadly. 

An all-new lineup of Set-Safe weapons that are solid, inert, durable and detailed. These props are available now for purchase at