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SMASHProps Breakaway Flat Pane Glass

$ 16.00

One of our best sellers! Made from a mix of plastics, these are fantastic for stunts that involve smashing any type of glass pane (think window, display case, picture frame, etc.). Actor safe, reliable and easy to use, these are a must for your production. This product breaks very easily upon impact. 

Please note, the largest size we ship is 14” x 23”. Anything larger is for pick up only. Please call or email us if the size you’re seeking is out of stock. 

We’re also always open to custom sizing if you have specific measurements you’re looking for. 

All of our breakaway glass can be made in our standard colors, and three styles: translucent, opaque or frosted. The default color is clear when you order. If you’re interested in another look, please reach out to us directly. 

Breakaway glass can contain some imperfections. Due to hand-pouring techniques, bubbles or defects are an unavoidable part of the manufacturing process. Large volume orders and extra large sized breakaway glass panes will require an adequate shipping crate which will be added to the cost of shipping upon ordering. Please be sure to review our Shipping Policy prior to ordering flat glass.