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Breakaway Glass & Ceramic Props Collection

Breakaway props are one of the simplest ways to add dramatic production value to your project.

Breakaway Glass and Ceramic

Seeing a common object dramatically destroyed creates action, excitement and drama. Until recently, these types of props were limited to use by production companies with large budgets because of the high cost and limited number of breakaway props available. The exact method used to make professional breakaways has always been a highly guarded trade secret.

Breakaways are one part of the entertainment industry that still remains a hand-made traditional process. We have worked hard to develop our own "secret recipe" to create safer breakable props that realistically resemble their practical counterpart and are affordable to use. Sometimes referred to as "Sugar Glass," professional breakaway glass props, including ours, are NOT made from sugar but a plastic resin formula.

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Select from the categories of breakaway glass props available below 

Breakaway Glass Bottles & Containers

Huge bottle collection from popular to rare, big to small, we have what you're looking for. Each bottle can be created in several colors and most have several different production-ready label styles as well.

Dishes, Glasses and Stemware

When Mom yelled "It's time to clear the table!" I don't think this is quite what she had in mind! Check out our ever-expanding line of dishes, glasses and stemware.

 Breakaway Vases and Statuary

We offer a variety of breakaway glassware and we're always evaluating and adding to our collection. 

Pane and Specialty Glass

Breakaway Pane Glass

Flat breakaway glass is one of the most challenging objects to make. NewRuleFX has created a line of flat breakaway glass that won't break the bank.


Miscellaneous Breakaway Props

Other assorted breakaway items that fall outside of the other categories. Can't find what you need? Look here.


Smash bottle or breawkaway bottle wine bottle cracked

 Breakaway Bottle Sample PackThe fabrication of these props is a painstaking technical process and each and every prop is made by hand by our talented artisans. The components of these props are be enormously expensive and can be difficult to obtain.  Despite these challenges, NewRuleFX has taken on the task to develop SMASHProps brand breakaways and provide them at prices that are the lowest available in the nation. Add to that, our radical effort at personal, direct service and the ability to order props anytime, 24/7 securely online, and you'll quickly see the value that NewRuleFX provides for our partners in the production industry.