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23 Inch Severed Detailed Foam Leg with Gore Effects Prop

$ 85.00

This severed leg is from our Pro-Series Haunt Prop collection. This is a urethane foam rubber prop that has been expertly finished to resemble a gruesome severed leg. It features realistic texture, colors, and finish that gives it the appearance of a freshly severed leg. Each leg is hand crafted, therefore each leg will come with some variation as seen in the product picture. The gore bits will be display organic growth of sinew and latex bits, making it perfect for on-screen, stage, or even haunt events!

Contact us for details and availability if you have a tight timeline.

Size: 23” x 6” x 4”      (Length may vary slightly due to the gore sinew) 

Weight: 1lb 15oz.       (Weight will vary slightly)