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Colt Cobra .38 Inert Pistol Set Safe - Solid Plastic Prop

$ 34.00

Hard Rubber-Poly plastic solid pistol prop. Virtually indestructible. Our high quality replica gun combined with easily-added post production effects prevent the danger from extending beyond the screen to the actors and crew. There is no need to risk putting people in harm’s way for the sake of realism. The dynamic environment and fast pace of production creates enough dangers for the cast and crew to avoid. Having “Set-Safe” guns like this one is and easy solution to an issue that has proven to be deadly. 

More dense than our foam rubber guns, it has good heft and handling characteristics making it perfect for tactical training use and as a “Set-Safe” gun. This gun is entirely inert and cannot fire or be made to fire any projectiles. Modeled after the Colt Cobra .38 style pistol. It’s small frame and 2” barrel make it ideal for a concealed carry weapon for your next scene.

It is sold for use as a theatrical prop or weapon training aid. It does not have any sort of trigger. 

Size: 6.25” x 1.25” x 5.25”

Weight: 5.8 oz

Replica and Imitation Firearm Notice:

This prop is inert, made of rubber, plastic or foam, is not, and cannot be made capable of firing any projectile. Regardless of images on this site, it is sold/provided with the orange markings required by law.

Your purchase, transportation and use of these props constitutes consent and representation that these products are being used lawfully in television, motion pictures, or theatrical productions or for approved training purposes. Please review the details of the federal law here: