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Crushable Special Effects Aluminum Can with Foam Bottom - Pop Soda or Beer Can Blank

$ 23.00

The essential regular "Type 202" 12oz/355ml aluminum can. These industry standard can are bright aluminum and have no printing or lettering. This prop can's body is made of a firm, delicate material that is easily crushable. The bottom of the can is made out of a soft urethane foam rubber, safe for contact with actors. Most often used for crushing can on one's forehead. The cans are perfect for making your own design. The "Pop-Top" end is also included and can be set on top or glued in place for realism. Or, if you have a proper can lid seaming machine, you can use that.

Contact us if you wish to purchase 100 or more pieces for volume discounts. 

Each order contains:

1 Aluminum Can Body - delicate enough to crush with ease

1 Aluminum Can End - made of urethane foam

Size: 4.75” x 3” x  3” 

Weight: 5 oz

Generic Beer labels in various designs are available.

 Beer Labels Sold Separately Here