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Money Prop - Series 1980s $5 Crisp New $500 Full Print Stack

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$ 30.00
SKU S1980-5N-FP-500

This is a crisp new $5 dollar bill stack that would equal $500 in fake cash. Each item features (100) pieces with 2-sided full color printed Crisp New $5 bills from the 1980s. Each stack comes with a removable $500 bank band. No filler sheets. Stunning detail and quality. Professionally printed and cut. These are made by the leading producer of motion picture prop money.

NOTE: Please read important information about legal use of prop movie money href="" title="Prop Movie Money Collection Main Page">on this page.

Price shown is for 1 FULL PRINT stack of (100pcs) $5 bills from 1980 that would equal $500.

Approximate Size: (Banded Stack) 6.75" x 2.75" x 0.5"

Weight: 3.4 oz