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NEW! Actor Cigarette Pro - Simulated Smoking Prop - Full Kit WHITE FILTERS

Original Price $ 99.00
Current Price $ 75.00


Introducing Actor Cigarette Pro

No Tobacco, No Nicotine, No Tar, No Open Flame
Not a Drug Delivery Device. This is a Prop for Actors.

Designed for actors, embraced by directors and loved by set designers. Discover the seamless blend of authenticity and safety in every puff. 

With Actor Cigarette Pro you can immerse your audience in the moment without compromising health. Our cutting-edge electronic smoking device produces a realistic smoke effect without tobacco, tar, nicotine, or open flame. 

The vapor cartridge delivers a safe water and glycol based vapor. 

This is a performance cigarette simulation system. Built off of the very popular Actor Cigarette Smoking Prop, The PRO version is completely redesigned to allow better performance, longer lasting, more reliable, thicker smoke. All in a new durable case, with all the components you need. 

The Actor Cigarette Pro Production Kit features everything you need to get through the show: 

*Two rechargeable battery units. -Use one, charge the other. 

* Ten vapor Cartomizers. -The vapor liquids, and vaporizer module all in one piece. 

*USB charging port. Charge your battery unit on any standard USB power source.

*AC 120 volt plug USB adapter. - Plug in to AC power

*Foam lined durable plastic case, with hole for lock. - Keep your props secure and protected.

*Instruction Sheet - Simple operating and maintenance guidelines.

The actor cigarette is a battery operated electronic smoking simulator. You connect the battery to the cartridge, then draw in on the prop to produce a water and glycol based fog. It is not necessary to draw the vapor into the lungs to create the effect. Draw into the mouth and blow out the mouth or nose to create a simulated smoking action. The tip glows orange when you draw in. There's no switches, knobs or cords. 

Recharge the battery unit with the supplied charger and replace the cartomizer when no more smoke is produced. 10 cartomizers are provided with each kit, extra cartomizers available separately. 

Based on the industry leading Actor Cigarette System that was approved by Actors Equity/League Productions. Calibration Factors and Time-and-Distance Guidelines For use of Theatrical Fog Equipment coming soon.

Case Size: 7.75" x 6.25" x 1.9"

Full Case Weight: 15oz.

Assembled Cigarette size: 4.125" long x 0.375 Diameter

This prop is designed for professional use only by adult actors.