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Pro Stage Blood In Stock, and Ready to Ship!
Pro Stage Blood In Stock, and Ready to Ship!

NewRuleFX Brand Foam Rubber Inert Long Barrel 6 Shooter Gun Replica Prop

$ 24.00

"I sure would like to touch the gun that's gonna kill Billy the Kid." - William H. Bonney Young Guns

This Long Barrel Six Shooter Revolver Replica prop is beautifully aged with a finely detailed faux metal finish. Cast entirely in urethane foam rubber, it's lightweight and great for scenes that require the actor to be hit with the gun or scenes involving stunts where contact with a hard metal or resin prop gun may be dangerous.

Use it in your next period piece Western to bring some excitement and realism to your production! This gun is cast completely from foam. It does not fire any projectiles and cannot be modified to do so. This is an antique style replica and as such is not required to have the blaze orange tip.

Size: 14.5" x 6" x 2"

Weight: 4.3 oz