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NewRuleFX Brand Foam Rubber Standard Claw Hammer Stunt Prop

$ 39.00

This is a handmade lightweight foam standard claw hammer prop. An expertly hand-finished prop, it features detailed wood grain on the handle and a simulated metal head. This foam prop features a rigid core construction to accommodate full use and action that allows for complete safety. The soft foam head allows for safe impact when used with actors. This hammer is designed for stage and screen use; employ it in combat scenes, funny gags, or in any situation where a real hammer would be too dangerous to use. Bonus Feature: You can hit someone on the head with this hammer without harm!

NOTE: Because of the handmade nature of this prop, each will have some variation in color and grain.

Approximate Size: 1" x 5" x 12.75"

Weight: 4.5 oz